Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Ephemeral Spirits

A spring ephemeral is a flower that is only here for a very short time, a week, maybe two. It's beauty is so fleeting that if you don't pay close attention, it is gone before you get to enjoy it. Wild violets can be considered a spring ephemeral. As fleeting as fairy wings, some are so tiny that you have to get down on the ground to really see them. Because of their stature, most people don't know that they have a very fragrant aroma. The question is how to capture that aroma, that spring magic, and take it into yourself and make it part of you.
Bright idea !!

Turn it into heady alcoholic drink to be enjoyed by the thimble full.

Stuff and nonsense you say, lets make some right away I say ! I made a video of the process and it turned out poorly since I did it myself. I do most of these strange things by myself so I guess we will have to get used to it until I sharpen my skills. I picked the flowers and made the liquor on May 5th, a good day for harvesting. The moon was void~of~course and in the watery sign of Aquarius. Looked like a good time for brewing.

After spending an hour picking some of the worlds tiniest flowers, I brought them into the house, shook them out on a clean cloth, told the spiders and tiny bugs to go elsewhere, and shot my video. The recipe is simple, fill a clean jar with violet flowers, cover with so so good vodka, cover, store in a cool, dry, dark cupboard for two weeks, shake once in a while. After two weeks, strain and add a simple syrup of two cups sugar to one cup water. Add enough sugar syrup to the vodka to make it sweet to the taste. Say some magic words like trickle trackle tribble toes, let this brew remove all woes. And store in the freezer for about a week to develop the flavor.
Violet Liquor waiting for a dark cupboard.....
Now we wait, and on Mid Summers Night Eve I will host a Fairy Party and invite all my fairy friends and we shall enjoy thimbles full of this magic elixir and forget all our woes and dance about on fairy toes. Video to follow !

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