Friday, May 7, 2010

Do you know Mugwort?

I was out in the woods early this morning in my P.J's, coffee mug in hand, looking for the magic of the day. Every morning holds the magic that happens the previous night, but you have to get out early to witness it. I heard a voice that said "Do What You Know". What do I know, I though to my self.... Hummm and the first plant I saw was Mugwort. Mugwort is one of the first herbs I have first hand knowledge of, in the magical sense of the word. An old wives tale says that Mugwort in your shoes prevents weariness. And, if you place Mugwort under your pillow you will have strange dreams.

When I was a young wife, I placed a sprig of Mugwort under my husbands pillow. He woke up in the morning and immediately asked, "What did you do to me last night? I had the strangest dreams and they were all about you." Well you can see how useful this could be in a love spell. I also placed a sprig of Mugwort in my gardening shoes and could garden all day long and never felt tired. Well I was 30 years younger, but it seems like I had all the energy in the world. Now that I myself am a old wife, the Mugwort stays out doors for protection. It has cropped up on it's own in various places without ever being planted.

Magic? why yes it is. I know herbs, and herbs know me. They follow me around and plant themselves where I live. I happen to be very good at plant identification. I know what every green thing on the forest floor is, well in my forest anyway. I know a lot of plant lore. That's a fancy way of saying I know a lot of useless information about the green world that most people don't care about in this day in age, or maybe they do...

Maybe people want to read about these obscure things, and maybe I should write it all down as they come to mind, maybe I should start a blog !

So here at the Mugwort Mansion I will be telling you all about garden lore, magic in the garden, things to do and see, things to make, potions to brew, and poetry to live by. I'll show you my magical home in the woods, my plants and animals. And I'll share with you the Magic of the morning.


  1. I can speak for the magical power of the mugwort growing on your property! Remember that great mugwort broom I made? The sprig you gave me has taken root in my herb garden and is growing nicely! Thanks for sharing! Your blog is very nice as well and I look forward to more posts!

  2. Thanks Witchie ! Ahh yes, the power of the Mugwort. Glad your sprig is growing strong. Thanks for all your inspiration !
    Love you too,


  3. So glad to see you ladies in the blog world!! Looking forward to learning more stuff! My mugwort is up and running for the season!