Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Goblin Market

"We must not look at goblin men,

We must not buy their fruits:

Who knows upon what soil they fed

Their hungry thirsty roots?"

This poem by Christina Rossetti is one of my all time favorites.

It was read to me as a small child by my Grandmother, bless her memory.
It is so disturbing and wonderful at the same time.

The jist of the poem is that something may look wonderful and taste sublime, but if you partake of the offered fruit, you will pine for more, because it can never be found again.

Innocence lost can never be regained, or can it?

I was asked to work a spell for a friend. She is being stalked, offered flowers by an unknown admirer. She refused the offered "fruit" and now she is being stalked at her own home.
The police offer no assistance, except for the "we'll keep an eye on the place and assign a detective to the case". No one knows who this person is, but there are suspicions.
The herbal world offers many different ways to repel unwanted advances. The world of magic is full of charms and spells to do the same.
Here is what I did:
The "Admirer" left a bunch of nasty old flowers tied to the front door knob with a rubber band.
Because I don't know his name, his offering was bound up with Ash Tree leaf and Mugwort leaf, X3. I asked that this person stop harassing my friend, find peace, be well in mind, body and spirit, find his happiness, and move on. The bundle was bound tight with florist tape, put into a jar with dead sea salt, a star anise, a pinch of "Mandrake", filled with sacred water gathered during a solar eclipse, and sealed with bee's wax with alkanet in it for good measure.
You may think this is a lot of stuff and nonsense.....

This takes us back to The Goblin Market....
"Their offers should not charm us,
Their evil gifts would harm us."

The flowers were an evil talisman, sent with out provocation, meant to cause fear, distrust, resentment, etc. for the married couple.
The talisman was working.
A counter charm was necessary and asked for.
The charm is empowering, it is a counter talisman and shows power.
A protection charm was also created, it's contents are:
Mullen leaf, Mandrake root, Nettle, Dead Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Tonka Bean, White Sage, and Calendula flower.
This was all put into a pouch to be kept either in the home or on the person being protected.
In the poem, the sister in question Laura,accepts the offered fruit and pines away until she is close to death, her sister, Lizzy, goes out and finds the Goblin Market, is able to procure some "fruit" by being beaten with it, and offers the said fruit to her sister, who fully recovers.
She took on the Goblins and beat them at their own game, but it was almost too late, it took her a long time to find the Goblin Market again.

So......Does this make you want to read the Goblin Market? I hope so. It is a look into turn of the century sensibilities and a look behind the veil of another world.
Was innocence regained? Hell no, we all gathered up some badly needed street smarts !!!
Can of Mace and a fist full of Mugwort !!!
People who would do us harm seem to come from another world. We cannot fathom why they do the things they do. We should never feel helpless, that just feeds into their need to upset our world.
I offer you a picture of the contents of the protection pouch, the binding spell will not be photographed. It will be buried off property near a crossroads and will last for a year and a day.
All spells need an ending date.
Other precautions will be taken to ensure my friends personal protection, like locked doors and friends on the watch. The detective will be notified and this person will be stopped.
It's too bad that things like this happen but it is good to know that knowledge of the plant world, the cycles of the moon, and a little bit of magic,can help us help ourselves on many different levels.

Read The Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti

Blessings !


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